Best cupcakes EVER!! Sweet potato cupcake was off the charts delicious! Carrot cake - AMAZING. Oreo was just as good as the rest!! So glad I stopped at Children's Hospital to grab some. Thank You!!

Amber Foldes

I Had A Sweet Potato Pie Cupcake And I Swear It Was The Best Cupcake I Ever Tasted I'm So Mad I Ate It All And Didn't Get Another One.. It Was Delicious And Moist! perfect!

Ebbie Janelle

Forget the rest!!!! Fat lady's cupcakes are the best!!! I had the pleasure of being set up next to this wonderful family owned business all day saturday for niawanda parks october fest. Absolutley amazing product!! The german chocolate cupcakes were to die for and the only recipy ive had that was better was my grandmothers that came from germany. These ppl are really doing something special. Carver is so energetic and loves the product he sells. My mouth literally watered every time they opened a container of their unique flavored cupcakes to make a sale. Support local business i promise you wont find anything better!!!!

Aaron Acker

I just ate a strawberry crunch cupcake and IT WAS AMAZING!! If heaven made cupcakes this is what it would taste like!!

Michele Daurelio

My husband and I got four cupcakes at Food Truck Tuesday last week. We split two, then *gasp* didn't eat the rest till tonight, Sunday, five days later. We kept them sealed in the original container in the fridge. We let them sit on the counter for a bit tonight to come back up to room temperature. Oh my god! They were still as moist as the day we got them! Delicious!

Caitlin DeTine-Brash

Absolutely the best cupcakes I've ever had, especially the Caramel Apple cupcake! So delicious!!

Deborah Diebold

The absolute BEST cupcakes I've ever had in my life! The moment I bit into these German chocolate cupcakes, my late grandmother smiled down on me from Heaven and whispered in my ear, "These tastes just like my cakes!" I knew then, they were official! I'd recommend trying out any of the great flavors and setting a limit for yourself so you don't end up eating the entire tray lol!

Kristopher Hollie

They have the most awesome and delicious cupcakes I've ever seen !!
Professional staff · Experienced chefs · Delicious food · Good for parties

Nacima Damstetter

I just tried a Peaches & Cream cupcake - so moist, rich, fruity and delicious! And besides tasting amazing, these cupcakes are so exquisitely crafted that they would make an elegant (and yummy) display at a wedding, birthday party, graduation, or any time you want to treat your guests to a truly decadent dessert

Karen Fraser Burke

Had a delicious Fat Lady's cupcake when they had a booth at the small Oktoberfest in the City of Tonawanda. I had the chocolate cherry one and it was so yummy! It didn't have that artificial cherry taste which just calls back to the quality of the cupcakes and the talent of the baker! Love!

Rachel Lynn

We just tried the cupcakes at the Taste of Grand Island (Carrot, Birthday Cake, Strawberry Crunch, and Sweet Potato). I think these are the best cupcakes that we have ever had. Each flavor that we tried was delicious and they were all extremely moist. Can't wait to try some other flavors and try their pies!

Neil Hickey

First time at Larkin Square this season, and the first food truck that caught my eye was this one. Not only are the cupcakes amazing but the customer service was incredible. Recommend 100x to anyone and everyone!

Hannah Edwards